KeyHydra : Studio License = From 10 Users to 20 Users [Please read description][Max2018/2019/2020].

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Studio License is designed for :

  • From 10 users to 20 users
  • One year service access.
  • Non transferable [One Server / One Network].
  • Commercial and non-commercial use [Freelance, Student, Personal].
  • Free of charge updates to the software for the duration of the License.
  • For the Whole world.
  • This kind of license require a local licensing server and active internet connection.
  • Will work only on One Network.
  • Ready to use KeyHydra keyboard Shortcuts. [Made by the team].

KeyHydra is a plugin for 3DSMax that enhances user's experience.

The goals of KeyHydra are:

  • Increase user's speed and confort
  • Reduce the amount of movements or clicks that the user must make in order to activate 3DSMax's Tools.
  • Reduce the amount of parameters to be set before reaching the desired result.
  • Increase interactivity in the [3D Viewport] workspace.

KeyHydra is currently composed of 3 public modules

• KeyHydra Shortcuts : More Informations ----> Link
[Redefines interaction between user, keyboard and 3DSMax --> By improving input methods --> Keyboard shortcuts]

• KeyHydra WheelCtrl : Website Page Under Concstruction
[Redefines the way the user interacts with, his mouse and 3DSMax  By increasing the interactivity in the workspace using the mouse wheel.]

• KeyHydra LazerCut : More Informations ---> Link
[Reinvents the user's way of modeling objects by Boolean operation [Addition, Trimming, and Subtraction of Material.] --> By increasing interactivity in the workspace and simplifying the process by providing an interface radically simpler by increasing the possibilities offered to the user.

Important Side Note : "KeyHydra LazerCut" is only available for Max 2018 & 2019 [Older versions will never be supported].

A License Key will be sent to you by Mail within 48 Hours.

-KeyHydra Shortcuts Tutorials & Explanations :

-KeyHydra LazerCut Tutorials & Explanations :